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Vaccine Updates

Updated: Jan 6, 2020


Since the advent of the first vaccine in 1796, Vaccines have saved millions of lives. They continue to do so today.

Flu Vaccine

Flu season runs annually from October-March, although sometimes it extends through May. It is advised for everyone to receive a flu vaccine prior to the start of flu season, to offer the best protection from the virus. This is typically August-September of the current year. Contraindications for receiving the flu vaccine include egg allergy.

Persons under 9 years of age, if they have NEVER received a flu vaccine, need 2 vaccines during the current flu season --> each separated by 4 weeks in order to have adequate protection from the virus.

Persons under 9 years old who have only received 1 lifetime flu vaccine, prior to the start of the current flu season, only need 1 vaccine during the current season.

Persons 9 years and over--> 1 vaccine


Not a vaccine but is a medication "like a vaccine" used to prevent infection with RSV (Respiratoy Syncytial Virus) in premature infants and/or pediatric patients with complicated medical issues. Season runs concurrent with the flu season.


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